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Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition is seeking volunteers to help rebuild the coalition.  We are looking for community members who are passionate about breastfeeding and believe and support our mission. We are looking for people of all talents.

Volunteering assignments include social media content creation, community outreach, grant writing, photography, etc. 

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I volunteer for a one time project?

Yes!  ABC is a volunteer organization and relies on the community to support the mission.  Any help is of great importance.  Talk to us about how you can volunteer.

Do I have to volunteer a set number of hours?

No, you can volunteer based on a task need.   Some tasks may take longer than others.  Contact us to find out what the need is and how you can support the coalition goals.

Do volunteers get paid?

No, unfortunately, volunteers do not get paid.  At this time our organization is facilitated 100% by volunteer hours and membership dues.  We at this time cannot monetarily compensate any volunteer.

Can I volunteer from home?

YES!  You can volunteer from home for most of our needs.  On the occasion, we seek volunteers to facilitate an outreach table at an event or to make outreach visits  out into the community.


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