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low cost grant writing class​Renee Palting, RN, BSN, IBCLC will be conducting a series on grant writing. We invite you to join us during the month of June, July, Aug to work through applying for and completing a grant request. Each month will have two sessions with one hour of didactic followed by one hour of hands-on work and feedback. The class activities are designed so that participants put their knowledge to use while building their individual grant archive and confidence in grant writing.  Renee has been a successful grant writer for over 30 years and has served as a grant reviewer for several foundations.  Renee held certification for grant writing and continues to write grants for various nonprofit organizations.

Each month can be taken separately, but for those who attend all three sessions, they will have the necessary tools and skills to find and apply for grants or from other funding sources.

Cost: $150 for members for all three sessions or $60 for individual month sessions
$200 for non-member for all three sessions or $75 for individual month sessions

CONTACT US for more information regarding  GRANT WRITING SESSION or to enroll:



June  11 & 25

We will be focusing on the foundation of grant writing:

-Identifying different types grants
-Identifying resources for nonprofits and businesses
-Organizing and preparing your essential documents
-Building a tool chest of resources
-Identifying yourself in the community, and setting yourself apart
-Creative writing your organization’s story

July 9 & 23

We will be focusing on grant accounting:

-Identifying the type of funding model that works best for your organization.
-Identifying revenue streams- grants, in-kind, public charities, private foundations, corporate contributions, crowdfunding, donations, and fees for goods or services
Finding the perfect funder
-Review and organizing your project budget
-Understanding your ethical and legal obligations to grant funders

Aug 13 & 27

During this month we are focused on completing a grant application.

-Understanding project planning for grant timelines
-Deconstructing a grant application
-Write a compelling letter of intent
-Strengthening your letter of intent

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This is a working list of resources that you may find useful in finding online educational and training offerings.  Most of these trainings are free.  All published listings are not a form of endorsement.  Please contact us to submit an education resource.