embership is open to individuals and organizations that share the vision of the Coalition. Members must sign a declaration of support for the Coalition's mission and objectives.Your membership supports the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition website and helps connect local coalitions and others in the breastfeeding community through the annual meeting and teleconference, news from the United StatesBreastfeeding Coalition, and other outreach and advocacy. Most important, membership gives you a voice in determining the future direction and focus of the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition.

ABC is in the process of redevelopment. New membership tiers have been created to provide multiple levels of membership benefits.

  • Individual level- $20 per year

    • This level is appropriate for mothers, community member, and anyone interested in ABC coalition
    • You will receive invitations to ABC meetings and public activities
    • PDF resources including breastfeeding and lactation support, workplace and travel information
    Student & First Year Professional level - $50 per year
    • This level is appropriate for any student or professional within the first year of practice
    • In addition to individual level benefits, you will also receive invitation to all professional
    networking activities and resources


  • Professional level- $75 per year

    • This level is appropriate for all professionals working to promote and advocate for breastfeeding
    and lactation
    • In addition to all above listed benefits, you will receive either free or discounted access education
    offerings. Including webinars and conferences (CEU, CERP, CME included)


  • Founding Sponsorship level- $250 per year

    • This level is for those wishing to promote their businesses via ABC media outlets
    • 3 years of advertising will be given to those joining at this level by December 2018




  • Additional opportunities for networking
  • Education opportunities
  • Inclusion in the membership directory
  • Access to members section of website
  • Voting privileges
  • Discounted priced education including teleconferences
  • Email notices
  • ** Only items that meet International Code. ABC may choose not to accept contributions from certain organizations, and retains the right to refuse donations.



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