embership is open to individuals and organizations that share the vision of the Coalition. Members must sign a declaration of support for the Coalition's mission and objectives. Your membership supports the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition website and helps connect local coalitions and others in the breastfeeding community through the annual meeting and teleconference, news from the United StatesBreastfeeding Coalition, and other outreach and advocacy. Most important, membership gives you a voice in determining the future direction and focus of the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition.


Individual Member- $20 per year.

Individuals who meet the criteria detailed above are considered active members.
They are allowed voting privileges for all matters to be determined by the general
membership.   Click the green button for an Individual Membership.


Organizational Member-  $75 per year

Representatives from interested affiliated groups may participate in the coalition
activities and discussions. One representative from each group may vote on
coalition affairs and elections. Click the orange button for an Organizational Membership.


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