Southern Region AZ Breastfeeding Coalition


New Chair of the ABC Southern Arizona Region

New Chair of the ABC Southern Arizona Region

Our new Southern Region Chair:

Emily Covey, MS, RD, CLC


Cochise County Task Force Chair:  Renee Cooper

LOCATION: Sierra Vista Constable’s Con. Rm.
Jan 26, 2015
3p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Present: Renee Cooper, Heather Vaughn, Carli Earley, Ellen Ackerman, Helena Ragan, Emily Primeaux, Priscilla Lord, Rebecca Morales
Renee Palting (phone)

Agenda Items Discussion/Recommendations Action
New BF Peer Counselors
Update BFTF Distribution List

SNAP-ED 2015 PH Approach-Support BF in Child Care
SVRHC Update

World BF Week

BFTF Outreach

Cochise County’s new Breastfeeding Peer Counselors were introduced: Priscilla Lord will cover the Douglas/Willcox/Bisbee areas; Rebecca Morales will cover the Sierra Vista/Benson areas. Peer Counselors provide 1:1 mother-to mother support for breastfeeding WIC participants. If moms require more in-depth support we refer them to our contracted IBCLC, Renee Palting.
Our e-mail list of Task Force members was updated by those present today. If you are aware of any additions or changes to the current roster please e-mail Renee Cooper.
On 1/16/2015 Heather conducted her first Empower Training in January at the Wellness Depot at the SV Mall. 6 Day Care Providers attended and it was a successful first training. La Leche League leaders Carli and Emily were in attendance and helped field questions and offer input.
The Task Force agreed that all future trainings should be held at the actual DCP facility in order to better provide technical assistance. Heather will contact Day care facilities to schedule future trainings. Goal is to provide one training per month.
Renee and our WIC Admin Assistant is creating a certificate which would be awarded to Day Care Facilities in Cochise County that not only successfully completes the BF component of Empower but also completes the additional 6 ADHS requirements to become truly BF Friendly.
A draft of the certificate will be submitted to Mary Gomez, CHSS Director for her review and approval prior to meeting with the BOS. According to Anne Whitmire, BF Coordinator for ADHS, Cochise County would be the first County government in Arizona to have formal recognition of BF Friendly Day Care Providers/Facilities.
For more info:
Target Date for the new facility to open is slated for April 23. WIC has been invited to have a presence in the new facility to enroll new mothers, infants and children. Our two new BFPC would be able to provide BF support to mothers prior to discharge at the hospital. Mary Gomez is in consultation with representatives at SVRHC regarding this opportunity.
LLL and WIC discussed plans for WBW (always held the first week in August). WIC will again launch its 2nd annual BF Friendly Business of the Year award campaign. Media notification and nominations will begin in April.
LLL plans to participate again in its Live, Love, Latch campaign via a family picnic. Final plans TBA.
The Task Force agreed that we need a flyer to hand out to interested community partners about our Task Force. Renee will work with Rebecca and Priscilla on creating one. We also discussed contacting Cherry Creek Radio to announce upcoming meetings.
Future 2015 Meeting Dates: 4/27/15, 7/27/15, 10/26/15
Thanks to each of you who took time out of your busy schedule to participate in our meeting.
Next Meeting: April 27th– Sierra Vista Constable’s Conference Rm
**Please send any agenda items to Renee Cooper by December 15th.
• Target Date to create draft certificate and sent out to TF leads for review and comment is end of Feb. Once finalized will be sent to Mary Gomez to present at the March BOS mtg.
• Target Date for draft of Flyer: April 2015
Target Date to contact Cherry Creek Radio April 6th. (Renee to contact)


Southern Arizona Regional Directory of Breastfeeding Support: