Tale of Two Births: Baby-Friendly Hospital Rap


"Having a baby? See birth at a Baby-Friendly Hospital versus a typical US hospital.

Data from the CDC tells us that most US hospitals receive a "D" grade (65) on their Maternity Practice and Infant Nutrition surveys. We also know that many US women are getting their pregnancy and birth information from birth reality TV shows. It's time for this to change, and for women to get evidence-based information so they can access all the help and support they need to meet their breastfeeding goals.

Co-produced by the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon and the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, with support from coalitions across the US, including the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition.

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We've received many requests to put this in a format that can be downloaded for sharing at breastfeeding and public health conferences, childbirth classes and hospital meetings. Hence, this vimeo option. A great educational tool to help parents ask for the birth support they want and need, and to be better prepared to appreciate all the things many US hospitals are already doing to support breastfeeding.

"Skin-to-skin is the perfect start!"

We've also received requests to translate this into Spanish and Italian. We're open to that, but would need to first raise the remaining $500 we're over-budget on this version, and then additional funds for the next project. Donations are being accepted by Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, to cover costs of production only. See: www.massbreastfeeding.org. Any additional funds received would be donated to the United States Breastfeeding Committee."]


Tale of Two Births: Baby-Friendly Hospital Rap from Breastfeeding Coalition Oregon on Vimeo.